About Alpha Fit

Who are we

Alpha Fit is not a gym. We don’t charge monthly dues to hundreds of thousands of people hoping you don’t show up. Alpha Fit is unique in that we truly care and are very supportive of our members.
We differ from other gyms in that a Certified Personal Trainer designs personalized programs for each member, catering to their specific goals and needs. Members receive ongoing coaching and motivation to show up at the gym and the help they need to move toward health and fitness.

There are many other benefits of training at our studio. We are a men’s-only facility that provides scheduled Private access to our gym, making it beneficial for both the working and learning man.  We are not a public gym! 

Our studio is highly exclusive to a limited amount of members.


How do you know if Alpha Fit is the right place to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be?
Focusing strongly on form, muscular balance, and posture, pain management we will be employing techniques and exercises influenced by biomechanics, and high-intensity interval training, as well as bodybuilding and endurance exercises.
 Whether your goal is to gain lean muscle or lose fat or maintain healthy body composition as you age, we can design and implement a program to get you to where you want to be. No matter what your goals are or current fitness level is we work with the needs of each individual, so feel free to reach out and ask us any questions you may have.

About your Coach

Boris has been Certified as a Personal Trainer since 2010.  Since then he has received multiple other certifications and specializations including Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and Physique Transformation Specialist, TRX.

Unlike most, Boris did not only receive his information from textbooks and publications – he utilizes what he learned from his own personal journey in his coaching techniques. In 2009 Boris weighed 262lbs – being considered morbidly obese with his body-fat percentage being over 36%. With a proper nutrition and strict training regimen, Boris went down to a very healthy 179lbs, with only 11% body-fat.

With a larger goal in mind, Boris began to intensify his training with hopes of competing in the bodybuilding world. In 2013, he became an NPC (National Physique Committee) National Level Competitive Bodybuilder in two different classes – Open and Masters. Boris has continued competing and curently retains his National Level Qualified status. 

As a result of his own aspirations, Boris is tough and determined when it comes to clients reaching their goals. He wants his clients to get the results and a healthy body that they can be proud of. Boris applies his passion for physical fitness, his interest in proper nutrition, and modern science to design custom fitness regimens for his clients.

Frequently asked question

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started! . Joining a fitness facility can be an exciting and intimidating experience. Here are some of the most common questions members ask us. If you have a questions or want help getting started, simply contact us and we will help you. 

I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and maintain my certification since 2011.  In past Eleven years I have coached over 200 clients with 100% satisfaction rate.    Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Certified Group Fitness Instructor.  Senior Fitness Specialist.   TRX Certification 1…..